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The Old Testament

 Is God Responsible for all Evil?
 The Bible on Abortion & Birth Control
 Are there Contradictions in the Bible?  Is God Cruel and Degrading?
 Is God an Admitted Liar and Deceiver?  Does God Accepted Human Sacrifices?
 What Does God Think about Rape?  Does God Commit Atrocities?
 Does God Commit Genocides  Does God Admit There Are Other Gods?
 What are the Real Ten Commandments?  Does God Commit Vulgarities?
 What Does the Bible Say about Excrement?  List of Crimes Deserving Death 
 What Does the Bible Say about Prostitutes?  Does God Condone Murder?

 Was God a War God?

 Does God Back Slavery?
 Is God a Just God?  Does God Cause Cannibalism?
 Does God Punish Innocent Children?  Is God Prejudiced? 
 Why are there Two Versions of Creation?  What Does God Think About Women?
 Did All Prophicies Come True?  Old Testament Timelines
 Is it OK to Watch TV?  Is it OK to Work on Saturday?
 Do Angels Have Sex?  Are Witches and Sorcerers Real?
 Did Noah's Flood Really Happen?  Ecclesiastes: A Book for Today
 The Old Testament and Homosexuality  Does the Bible Ever Change?
Do Zombies Really Exhist? 11 Forbeddden Things You Do Anyway

The New Testament

 Does the New Testament Supersede the Old?  Contradictions in the New Testament
 Who are Some of the Other Messiahs?

 Was Jesus Non-Violent and Compassionate?

 Some of Jesus’ Commandments

 What are Jesus' Family Values?

 What does Jesus Think About Slavery?  New Testament Timelines

 Were there Zombies in the Bible?

 How Many People Will be Saved?
 The New Testament on Women  Jesus on Public Prayer
 What Are the Foundations of Christianity?  Did Jesus’ Predictions Come True
 The New Testament and Homosexuality  Was Jesus’ Coming Foretold?
 Was Jesus Born from a Virgin?  

Some Other Interesting Items

 Famous Dead Non-Theists

 Our Founding Fathers on Religion

 Celebrity Non-Theists

 The Jefferson Bible (loads slowly)

 Dr. Laura and Homosexuality

 Is There Intelligent Design?

 Biblical Questions

 Deism: Reason Friendly Belief in God

 Is America a Christian Nation?

 The Truth about Hell

 Is Belief in God Essential for Moral Virtue?

 Humanist Manifesto III

 What is the Truth About Miracles?

 What is the Origin of Christmas?

 The Mormons

 Religions of the World

 Is Christmas Christian?

 Famous Quotations
 Are Science and Religion Comparable?  What Happened to the Pagans?
 Religious Humor  Robert Green Ingersoll Video
 Was Hitler an Atheist and what about Stalin?  The Bible on Marriage
 Can Science and Religion be Friends?  Words & Phrases from the Bible

Importaint Links

 United Coalition of Reason, w/Local Chapter Links

 World Union of Deists
 Which Demonation is Correct?  God Hates Shrimp
 Project Reason  The Secular Web
 The Brights  Freedom from Religion Foundation
 Banned Books  US Religious Demographics
 Fading Faith: The Rise of the Secular Age  Republican Sex Offenders
 God is Imaginary  Other Skepticism Sites

: We are not here to dispute your religion no matter what it is. Our purpose is to use the Bible itself to prove humans cannot justify using it as a basis for lessons in morality. We believe that morality should be based upon compassion and reason, not superstition and ancient myths.TBN

The Bible Naked, The Greatest Fraud Ever Told

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